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Hailing from Indiana, Chef Terrance has Midwestern charm with a natural knack for hospitality. His cooking is rich in flavor and created with the utmost love. What originally began as a hobby, has developed into a passion for creating great flavors and an elevated dining experience. As a high school P.E. teacher and wrestling coach, Chef Terrance realized many of his students were unable to enjoy nutrient-rich food at home. As a result of this revelation, he began to provide meals for his student athletes. Unbeknownst to Chef Terrance, when one of his students recognized his culinary talent, he applied to Le Cordon Bleu on Chef Terrance’s behalf. After graduation, Terrance started his Chicago based, family-owned catering company, which specializes in southern comfort food, among many other delectable cuisines.


Chef Terrance is happily married with three beautiful children. His wife and kids represent the “K” in TK Gourmet.

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